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Passionate wine growers

It is this the best way to describe the enthusiasm and spirit that suffuses us when exercising our profession. Between Poiano and Quinto, in a territory formed by hills and vineyards, our family cultivates a deep passion for wine growing.

Corte Figaretto is a family-run farm in the heart of Valpantena, a valley situated north of Verona. In this southernly exposed valley lie its precious vineyards, siutable for the production of great red wines. The essentially Mediterranean climate, characterised by contained rainfall, is further tempered in the summer months by the evening breezes originating from the Lessinia mountains.

These breezes cool the day’s heat, guaranteeing a wide temperature range between day and night, this allowing the grapes to reach maturation rich in polyphenolic and anthocyaninic substances, which give our wines an unmistakeable personality.

Wine is made in the vineyard

The wine is made in the vineyard. We are firmly convinced. Each wine is an expression of the land and the vineyard it comes from. Each vineyard is carefully followed in the production of its fruit,

so during the vegetative shoots and clusters are selected with manual operations in order to find the best balance between vegetative and productive activity.

Grape harvest

The days for grape harvesting are determined after a series of analyses, made to ascertain the state of maturation of the grape (sugars, acidity, polyphenols), but above all on the basis of experience gained on the territory. Harvesting is done strictly by hand,

the grapes are harvested in small crates, vineyard by vineyard, and taken to the cellar to rest for a few weeks (the time-span may vary depending on the variety). In order to keep the individual varieties separate, the cellar is fitted with small, vineyard-sized tanks.

The silence of the wine cellar

The wine cellar, where our wines are born and where they rest, where aromas and perfumes are defined. There, vaulted ceilings hidden deep in the earth conceal oaken barrels and precious barriques, in a special atmosphere that creates the ideal habitat where the character of each wine infolds and matures to maximum perfection.

The cellar, meeting point for antique tradition and modern technique. Respect of tradition combined with modern processing techniques, dedication and use of precious grapes allow us to obtain the best quality, contained within unique and precious wines.

Pleasant Wines

Original wines, special and genuine. Follow the gentle aging of wine, respect and enhance the special features and original character of each grape variety, to transmit it to the final product, this is our task. A work of great responsibility that gives great satisfaction, the job becomes important to the grower in something more defined pride.

Our efforts are focused in the production of unique wines based on a relationship of full compliance with the environment and the land that hosts us. Wine is culture and tradition. Our main goal is to produce a wine that is capable of giving intense emotions.